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Ashford CCG Referral Support Tool

The Referral Support Tool has been designed to support the appropriate flow of planned care referrals into the community as an alternative to secondary care, improving productivity and efficiency. This is intended to support GPs in managing patient care as appropriately and effectively as possible, providing easier information and intelligence direct to the GP, thereby improving intelligence and supporting practices to ensure the best and most cost effective patient care. It will also help to improve quality, safety and appropriateness of referrals through clinical leadership and clinician to clinician support.

Supporting local GP membership by:

  • Ensuring GPs maintain control by designing and facilitating operation of the service.
  • Supporting the increased use of locally developed preferred pathways and support GPs to ensure patients are directed to the most suitable service.
  • Significantly improved information and intelligence to practices to allow them to identify and focus on major pressure points.

Support CCG priorities to achieve financial stability and national access targets by:

  • Reducing referrals into the provider for services that are not commissioned.
  • Ensuring referrals received by the provider have all relevant clinical information and patients are fit, willing and able to proceed with treatment.
  • Both better management of current RaTC and more informed and intelligent support to GPs in making and managing referrals which will result in significant efficiency savings.


If you have any suggestions for amendments, removals, omissions or additions please take the time to hit the big red ‘Something Missing’ button at the bottom of the tool, this will feed directly back to the CCG on any suggestions you may have, and you will be regularly kept up to date on any new or updated content.